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Tip #138
8 Great Uses For Double-Stick Tape

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The "Magic" workshop tape you shouldn't be without.

There are lots of instances where you need to hold something in position (either temporarily or permanently), without using conventional fasteners. When that happens, you should be reaching for your roll of double-stick tape.

Do understand, however, that there are lots of different types of double-stick tape out there...and that all of these tapes are NOT created equal. Standard, double-stick carpet tape, as well as the clear, double-stick tape used by artists work well for some applications but are NOT well suited for faceplate turning because they fail to provide adequate adhesion.

For turning, you should only use high adhesion double-stick tape. Here are a few of the applications for this amazing stuff:

  • For attaching workpieces to a Lathe Faceplate. Caution: Always clamp the workpiece tightly to the Faceplate before starting to ensure a tight bond (then remove the clamp, of course, prior to turning). Never turn an excessively long workpiece with this method...or one that is more than 1-1/2 times the diameter of your Faceplate. Failure to follow these simple rules could result in personal injury.
  • For re-attaching in-process scrap "cutaways" from compound-cut bandsawn projects.
  • When you have a small project to sand that you can't hold properly with your fingers (without fear of sanding-off your knuckles), try taping your workpiece to a piece of scrap that you can then safely hold in your hand.
  • For attaching cutting patterns to workpiece stock.
  • For holding a stack of workpieces together for pad sawing on the Bandsaw or Scroll Saw
  • For holding selected project components together temporarily during "dry test assembly"
  • For attaching sandpaper to hand sanding blocks.
  • For attaching sandpaper to Miter Gauge faces to keep workpieces from sliding while you make a cut

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