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Tip #237

How to choose the RIGHT hammer

So…you're working on a job and the handle of the hammer your grandfather left you 30 years ago in his will "gives up the ghost".

You go out and buy another one just like it…right? Maybe. Maybe not. .

Buy the RIGHT hammer for the job
Believe it or not, hammers are "purpose-made". All the way from lightweight (4 oz. or so) hammers for driving small wire brads and tacks -- to 28 oz. framing hammers for driving heavy nails.

Not to mention all the "specialty" hammers…such as cross-pein "pattern" hammers for driving small nails in tight corners, roofing hammers, drywalling hammers, hammers for shaping metal, welding, breaking up concrete or rock, fencing and more.

So how do you choose the right hammer? Here are three basic tips:

- For woodworking, three common hammers should do the job:
- A small (4 oz. or so) tack hammer
- A 16-oz. general-purpose, claw hammer for medium sized nails
- A 28-oz. framing hammer for large nails

- Don't buy a hammer that feels too heavy for you to handle comfortably. For example, many women would have a difficult time working with a 28 oz. framing hammer

- If you buy a wooden handled hammer, be sure the wood grain at the end of the handle runs in the SAME direction as the hammer head. Otherwise, it might break more easily.



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