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Tip #141
Cutting tight curves with wide Bandsaw Blades

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Relief cuts can make a big difference:

The next time you're "under the gun" on a project that requires a fairly tight external bandsaw cut - and your bandsaw is still set up with the 1/2 " wide resawing blade you used for your last job - use this technique to avoid changing blades.

Just make a series of relief cuts that extend in from the outside edge of your workpiece and end at your intended cutting line. These cuts should intersect (and stop at) your cutting line - and be about 1-1/2" to 2" apart where they meet your line. If the intended curve is tighter, your relief cuts will have to be closer together to avoid blade binding.

This way, as you cut around your curve, these wedge-shaped pieces of scrap will fall away, making it easier for you to cut your tighter curves without binding or taking the time to change the blade.

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