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Tip #194
Returning fasteners and small hardware items to their storage containers quickly and without making a mess

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Remember the last time you needed a single #6 x 2" flathead screw from a small plastic drawer containing 100 assorted size screws?

You dump them all out on your benchtop, shuffle through them to find the one you need and then worry about getting the remaining 99 back into this darn near microscopic container without spilling them all over the floor ?

The simple answer is provided by throwaway aluminum baking pans from your local supermarket. Just cut a 1" wide "pouring spout" into one of the corners.

Dump your drawer contents into the pan…find the item you need…and "pour" the remaining contents back into your drawer through the corner "spout".

You can even have different sized pans around for different sized parts in different sized drawers. AND THEY'RE DIRT CHEAP !

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