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Tip #142
Safety With Small Table Saw Cut-Offs

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Here are two techniques for getting small Table-Saw cut-offs out of your way:

Small Table Sawing cut-offs can create one of two problems:

1. Often, they're so small that they can fall through the slot in your Table Insert, where they'll either get lodged in the dust collection pick-up and eventually cause a clog ...or be grabbed and thrown back at you at high velocity.

2. The second possibility is that they'll lay on the Saw Table until they vibrate into the path of the Saw Blade and get thrown at you.

Here are the two best solutions.

  • To keep them from falling through the Table Insert, use a Zero-Clearance Insert, custom-made to be the exact width of the Saw Blade you're using. Shopsmith offers Blank Plastic Inserts that you can custom-cut for each particular Blade width...or you can make your own out of wood.
  • To get them quickly off the surface of your Worktable during operations, connect the hose from your conventional shop vacuum to the OUTLET port, tape it to the surface of your Worktable and turn it on so it blows the cut-offs away from the moving Blade as you work.

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