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Figure 5-1. The molder head is a thick, heavy steel disc that has equally spaced slots around its perimeter to receive sets of molder knives. A special 5/8" molder/dado arbor (not shown) mounts the molder head to the MARK V main spindle.

Molding operations are performed with the Mark V in the table saw mode. The molder head accessory enables you to add professional detail to almost any project. With it you can shape edges and surfaces, form cabinet door lips, make sash moldings, produce strong glue joints, and do many other operations. Once you become acquainted with the tool, you'll find that you can reproduce many standard wood patterns and also create virtually unlimited original molding designs. In a sense, it allows you to do decorative edging on the table saw.

The molder head (Figure 5-1) is a heavy steel disc that is mounted on the 5/8" molder/dado arbor, then onto the Mark V's main spindle.

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Figure 5-2. The molder head must always be used with the special molder insert (Model 500 insert shown).

Because the molder head works with knives that are 1" wide, it must be used with a specially designed molder insert (Figure 5-2). If the knife projection is small, make a hardboard insert for additional stock support around the cutter.

Use speed setting Q (3250 RPM) for hardwood and R (3500 RPM) for softwood.

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