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Tip #197
Get every last drop

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All woodworkers often end up with two or more partially-filled bottles of the same glue, resins or other thick, "slow-moving" liquid.

Since consolidation is often the best way to be sure you have enough space to do the tasks you have to accomplish - and since some of these liquids can be quite costly -- it's important that you get all of this "stuff" into a single container. And…it's equally important that you do so without having to physically stand there while one container's "stuff" slowly oozes into another.

Here's the simple trick. Take two caps from two matching jugs or bottles. Position them top-to-top and glue, rivet, bolt or tape them together permanently.

Drill a hole (as large as possible) through the center of the two attached caps. Attach one side to your lids to the "receiver" bottle or jug and the other side to your inverted "donor" bottle.

Walk away and come back later when you're confident that the "donor" bottle has drained its contents thoroughly into the "receiver" bottle… without your having to stand by all day long and watch ! h with the board's surfaces.


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