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Tip #145
Fixing Leaky Dust Collector Filter Hoods

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Treating leaky Dust Collector filter hoods for optimal performance:

The Filter Hoods on Dust Collectors are designed to allow air to pass through them, while capturing fine dust particles inside. This process is made more efficient through use, as a "cake" of dust forms on the inside of the Hood, allowing it to trap finer and finer particles as the cake builds-up.

Unfortunately, many Dust Collectors are not designed to capture ultra-fine particles right out of the box and therefore, some of these particles may slip through the Hood until a sufficient cake forms (this is not the case with Shopsmith's DC-3300 Collector).

If you're experiencing this problem, turn on your Collector until the Hood is fully "inflated". Turn it off and briskly smack the sides of the Hood several times to dislodge the dust from the inside.

Remove the Hood (or un-zip it) and lightly spray the inside with aerosol cooking spray. Re-attach (or close) the Hood and try again. If particles still leak through, repeat the process until they stop.

Once the dust cake forms on he inside of the Hood, you should have no more problems.

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