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Tip #146
Bracket Feet From Off-The-Shelf Moldings

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Hundreds of molding profiles are available to chose from.

The next time you have to make fancy "bracket feet" for a small clock, box or cabinet, try starting with an off-the-shelf molding. To make the feet, just cut pie-shaped wedges from the moldings at 45-degree angles, with the molding positioned in your manual miter box, power miter box or table saw with the flat edge of your molding against your fence or miter gauge...and the molding profile facing down.

Then, just glue two pie-shaped wedges together to form a 90-degree corner "foot".

Some great molding profiles for this include:

Cove molding
Base Cap

NOTE: Some of these moldings may have to be cut in half prior to miter cutting.

The "Wood Moulding & Millwork Producers Association" offers some great design idea books and books showing the wide variety of profiles available to today's woodworker. Check out their bookstore at:

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